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Columbia County Real Estate Magazine can accept ads in many different formats: from handwritten text & photographs; to typed text & digital photos; to Print-Ready ad files. Ad Deadlines are the 11th of each month. (The 12th when the 11th falls on Sunday)

Email: Phone: 800-766-9558 Fax: 800-766-9558
Address: Square One Design, 127 1/2 Elm Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201
We also maintain convenient drop-off location in Columbia County. Please call for more information. The following guidelines are intended to help ease the ad submission process – on both your end and ours!
TEXT We strongly urge you to send any copy greater than 50 words electronically via Microsoft Word (.doc), plain text (.txt) or typed directly into the body of an email. We can also accept text and layout created in QuarkXPress. Handwritten text is acceptable if it is clear and legible. Please clearly indicate each description with its corresponding photo.
PHOTOS/LOGOS Whenever possible, we prefer to receive images in electronic form. We can process most formats, including Photoshop, EPS, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PICT & TIFF files. Electronic photos should be at a resolution of 300 dpi at the size it is to be printed. If electronic photos are not possible, good quality printed material is fine. Logos must be submitted as either an EPS, TIFF or JPEG file or a clean printed version (i.e., business card) for us to scan.
DESIGNER'S SPECS If you plan on providing Print-Ready ad files, please refer to the following specs for acceptable ad formats and sizes. The preferred format for your ad is as a high-resolution PDF. Adobe Acrobat Distiller settings can be supplied upon request. Ad layouts in QuarkXPress documents for Macintosh are acceptable. Be sure to provide all graphics and fonts used in the ad, as well as a printout. The following ad sizes are available:
Magazine Trim Size
8.25" wide x 10.75" high
Full Page Trim Size
8.25" wide x 10.75" high
Full Bleed Size
10" wide x 11.25" high (this includes .25 bleeds)
Live Area*
7.25" wide x 9.375" high
*This “Live Area” ensures a .5” clearance of images & type from the top, left & right trim edges and a .85” clearance from the bottom trim edge. We will add our standard magazine footer to the bottom of each page.
1/2 Page Horizontal
7.25" wide x 4.625" high
1/2 Page Vertical
3.5" wide x 9.375" high
1/4 Page
3.25" wide x 4.625" high
1/8 Page
3.5" wide x 2.2" high
Gatefolds - If interested in a 6- or 8-page gatefold, we will provide all design services or your own designer may call for specifics.

1. An Ad Insertion Form MUST be submitted
2. Company Logo & Contact info for ad
3. Photos & Text clearly matched
4. Preferences on font styles, colors, etc.
5. Sketch/Sample of desired layout (optional)
6. Payment due upon ad submission

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Once we have all of the necessary items above, we will design your ad, send it through our proofing dept. & then fax or email you a proof of the ad. At this point, it is very important that you closely check that all information is correct. If you would like to make changes, let us know what they are and we will send you another proof after the corrections have been made.